The Adventures of Bartlett

Local field spaniel and Newmarket resident, Bartlett is well known amongst customers and Centre staff members at Newmarket Village and he can’t wait for the New’BARK’et Dog Festival on Sunday 27 May.

Bartlett’s owner, Peter brings him down to the Centre several times a week to enjoy a puppycino from Mojo’s, lots and lots of pats from all of his friends, a big drink from our available dog bowls and loves a fresh new bone from Tender Cuts Butcher…if he’s lucky!

Be sure to say ‘who’s a good boy’ to Bartlett next time you see him at Newmarket Village. You’ll be greeted with a big smile and an enthusiastic tail wag.

Follow Bartlett’s NMV journey this month on our Facebook and Instagram pages and be sure to bring your dog along to the New’BARK’et Dog Festival on Sunday 27th May. See you there!

You can also follow Bartlett's personal Instagram page @bartlettmiddo

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