Busking at NMV

At Newmarket Village, we welcome the life and colour of street performers, buskers, and entertainment of all sorts.

If you have a special talent you'd like to share with our locals please fill out the form below before your performance. Buskers will need for fill out the below form, agree to the T/C's and receive a confirmation email before their performance at Newmarket Village. 

Buskers do not have to book in advance. Simply fill out the form below before your performance. 




No obstruction to pedestrian or other traffic movements will be caused by a busker(s).
Busking permit holders are not permitted to ask for or necessarily expect payment of any kind based on their busking performance. Customers can donate at their own will.
Permits shall not be held by persons performing on behalf of any political or religious organisation.
The permit holder shall not advertise or associate him or herself with advertising in conjunction with any performance.
Busking activity which causes annoyance to shopkeepers, local residents or the general public may be terminated at the direction and/ or discretion of a member of the Queensland Police or centre staff.
No nuisance may be committed. Buskers must not upset any member of the public by their performance/ behaviour.
Buskers must keep clear of entrances to shops and buildings at all times and are not permitted to busk in front of or beside ATMs.
No permit holder may sell, offer or expose for sale any article or commodity.
Permits are not transferable.
A confirmation email from NMV Centre Management is required for each person engaged in any busking activity.
The busker must obtain Personal and Public Liability Insurance, or have registered with the Newmarket Village Liability Insurance Policy, and must comply with the terms of our Busking permit to be covered.
Persons 15 years and under will have to be accompanied by a parent/ guardian when performing.
The use of fire, knives, swords, chainsaws or any other dangerous instrument is prohibited under any circumstances. This includes instruments that have been modified for safety but can still be perceived as dangerous.

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