Meet Akiko Cross

"There's nothing better than smiling with beautiful straight teeth"

Meet Akiko Cross, Orthosmile’s friendly dental assistant who is passional about her job as well as your teeth.


What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?

I love to cook with fresh eggs. I have some backyard chickens at home. We give them foods and vegie scraps and they lay eggs every day for us. The eggs are still warm when you collect in the morning. Couldn't be any fresher!

It's wonderful to start of your day with fresh eggs for breakfast.

What is the one thing you can’t live without? 

I would say that is a tooth brush. 

That's not because I am working here at Orthosmile Orthodontics. If I can't brush my teeth, I won't be able to enjoy talking to people, as well as eating and drinking. If you don't look after your teeth, you will eventually lose your oral health and then can't chew properly! Teeth cannot regenerate. You need to look after your teeth very well. There’s nothing better than smiling with beautiful straight teeth.


Do you live locally? If so, what part of the local community do you love with most?

Spencer Park 

It's only a few minutes away from where I work. I go for stroll after work or sometimes on my lunch break. It is surrounded by lots of old trees and you can't really hear the traffic at all. It's very peaceful! 

My son used to play soccer for many years at the stadium right next to the park. There are so many soccer lovers there from toddler to senior.

I used to take some foods and drink to watch the game. It's nice way to spend time on the lovely sunny day.

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